Why donate?

Your donation shows me that my work is appreciated and that it is getting seen by the right people: those to whom my photos mean the most. Your donation will help offset the monthly costs of this site and the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which I use to edit and manage the photos. It will help me invest in better gear to take even better photos of your athlete. 

Aren't the photos supposed to be free?

The photos are being made available at no charge to you, the parent or team official of an athlete I have photographed. I enjoy sports and taking photos, and my kids compete side by side with yours. My first passion is getting a great photo, a one in a million shot. My second passion is getting that photo to the family or team who will enjoy it the most. I have spent thousands of dollars on the photographic gear, software and know-how, and I am paying for this site to share the photos. I spent time photographing your athlete, and even more time selecting, editing and organizing the shots. Even though there is a cost to these photos, I am making them available with no strings attached, because they become that much more valuable to me when they are shared.

Is it okay if I just download the photos? You said "no strings attached"...

Yes. Getting a great shot is a reward in itself, and a "thank you!" is always good to hear.

What about the "Buy Photos" button?

The photo hosting site I am using provides this feature as a convenience to you. You are welcome to order prints instead of, or in addition to, downloading the files. I am not marking up the prices and am not receiving any portion of the proceeds from the print orders.

How much to donate?

Any amount that seems fair to you will be appreciated, because it shows to me that my work is reaching my target audience and has value.

How to donate?

Here is my PayPal link. If you are uncomfortable with PayPal, and we know each other socially, cash or check is fine. Otherwise, contact me at alex@tolkachev.com and let me know your preference.

Thank you!

Alex Tolkachev

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